霍尼韦尔(中国)Enraf的小容量校准仪专为满足严格的仪表校准要求而设计。 这些体积管的质量、可重复性和准确性均经过独立专家的测试、批准和认证,符合用于爆炸性环境的设备所需遵守的健康和安全要求。

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• 由CSA International颁发的加拿大和美国标准的合规证书

• 由LCIE和KEMA Quality B.V.颁发的欧洲标准合格证书

• 俄罗斯测量仪器型式批准证书

• 马来西亚SIRIM合格证书

• 印度尼西亚石油与天然气总署(MIGAS)技术认证


• 由加拿大ABSA颁发的北美标准ANSI B16.5合格证书

• Accuracy in measurement: Certificate issued by NMi, The Netherlands

• 由南非国家认证体系(SANAS)批准、SABS颁发的校准证书

• 由墨西哥Fujisan Survey颁发的校准证书

• 沙特阿拉伯Aramco Services Company的认可供应商。

Honeywell’s Small Volume Provers are designed and built to comply with the recommendations defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API), chapter 4, 12 & 12 and NIST handbook 105-7. The provers also comply with hazardous area regulations such as ATEX, CSA & IEC-Ex. In addition, the construction and manufacturing of the provers comply with pressure vessel codes, including PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) and CSA (Canadian Safety Association).

Small Volume Provers are globally recognized as one of the most accurate and repeatable devices available today, a fact supported by the recent Production Quality Assurance Certification by DNV-GL for the entire small volume prover portfolio.

霍尼韦尔(中国)的小容量校准仪已成功通过测试,在质量、准确性和安全性方面符合全球标准。 With products like these, users receive optimum return on their investments, while benefitting from improved process performance and enhanced plant safety.

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