The PL3700X is a family of pressure sensors which fulfill virtually all of the pressure and level sensing needs aboard a ship. They come in a variety of sensing ranges, materials, adaptation types and fittings.​​​​​​​​​

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The PL3700X transmitters are typically used to measure the level and temperature of service tanks, ballast tanks 和 water tanks, as well as 压力 of all pipes, atmospheric, draft, inert gas, etc. The PL3700X’s transducer can be immersed and mounted inside the tank using the adaptor bracket or for side mounting using the adaptor flange.
The PL3700X sensor features a fully digital, temperature compensated circuit, which eliminates the need for periodic adjustment. Thanks to its intrinsic safety and HART communications, the PL3700X transducer can be operated, diagnosed or re-ranged in hazardous areas. The PL3700X mechanical and chemical design are optimized for the best compatibility with the ballast water treatment systems made compulsory by the Ballast Water Treatment directive, ensuring a long lifetime of safe and reliable operations. Special models are available for atmospheric pressure measurement (ATMO) and for cargo line pressure measurement (MAN).

The PL3700X transmitters are built around a proprietary ceramic sensor. This provides excellent and stable accuracy, even after years in difficult conditions. The self-contained sensor sends a 4-20 mA HART signal to the ship system. 这可以方便在甲板上进行校准和维护。 变送器壳体可以选择不锈钢或特殊复合材料。 ​

The PL3700X family of pressure transmitters provides cost-effective level and pressure indication for all types of tanks, including ballast and service tanks. 该产品能够提供无与伦比的耐磨性和耐腐蚀性。

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