Marine CIU

The marine CIU is a data concentrator and processor for up to 32 tanks (equipped with EMx40 FMCW radar gauges) and 112 additional analog sensor inputs, in a 19″ cabinet. It calculates and displays parameters suchas levels, volumes, temperatures, pressures.

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The marine CIU features ultra-low power consumption, advanced communications capabilities like HART, wireless, GPS data. Its intuitive touch-screen interface can be easily duplicated anywhere on the ship, and even display the real-time values on a smartphone app.​

The Marine CIU communicates with all sensors on board, calculates the volume and sends the resultant data to the ship system, including CargoBoss, Load Computer, and the Integrated Control and Monitoring System (ICMS). Safe and redundant communication is ensured with the use of the RS485 Modbus RTU protocol or Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP , thereby also guaranteeing perfect interoperability.

Together with the EM540 radar gauge, the T901 pressure and temperature sensors, the CT801 electro-pneumatic level gauge, the PL3700X pressure sensors, the Marine CIU makes a complete system for cargo, ballast and service tank monitoring.

Tankers and FPSO are the most vulnerable to imbalance. The Marine CIU gauging system is the fundamental tool for seafarers to monitor the ship balance continuously. 此外,该系统还可以确保有效的压载舱管理。

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