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CargoBoss is a user-friendly software that can be run on any PC running Microsoft Windows. 该软件设计用于监测任何装有液体的储罐的实时数据,如储罐空高、压力、温度、体积和质量。 通过使用特定的模拟显示,用户可以设置一个或多个工作站用于监测货舱、压载舱或供应舱。 Output communication is provided based on the Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP interfaces and protocols.

CargoBoss captures critical data related to liquid cargo, ballast and service tanks such as data for level, pressure, temperature, ullage, corrected volume, mass and ballast level in real time from the Marine CIU data concentration rack. 另外它还可以收集纵倾、罐底和GPS数据等其他信息。 CargoBoss then provides an accurate view of this data using an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) and communicates it via Modbus to the load computer and the ship system.

An optional GSM modem allows communication of all this data, including GPS position, fuel consumption 和 other parameters, to a remote FTP location for use by the owner, oil company or charterer.

液体货物管理和压载舱管理要求对细节一丝不苟。 一个可靠、用户友好型界面能够对承担这些职责的使用者提供巨大的帮助,无论是在装卸还是在航行过程中。

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