SmartLine Wireless Temperature

霍尼韦尔(中国)的 SmartLine Wireless Temperature Transmitter offers exceptional accuracy in temperature measurements. 此温度变送器支持多种输入选项以满足不同用户的需求,并能够配合用于危险环境的测量设备,在保持本质安全等级的情况下进行无线测量。

该 SmartLine Wireless Temperature Transmitter offers a combination of thermocouple, RTD and discrete inputs capability.

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​配有 SmartLine 无线 there are two different transmitter types that can support temperature measurements.

该 SmartLine 无线 Temperature Transmitter supports up to four temperature thermocouple, milli-volt, ohm inputs, and/or discrete inputs, or two RTD inputs.

该 SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O Transmitters offer similar capability to the Wireless Temperature Transmitter is an alternative choice if RTD inputs are not required.

​SmartLine Wireless Temperature Transmitter measures the analog signal from temperature sensors, discrete inputs, milli-volt values or ohm values and transmit a digital output signal proportional to the measured value for direct digital communications with systems. 开关量输入通道支持无电压浮动触点。

The output signal can be transmitted to another transmitter, field router, or access point which then ultimately transmits the message to a gateway. 这些节点将以无线方式相互通信,形成一个受控的安全冗余网络。

该 SmartLine Wireless Temperature Transmitter is fully compliant to the international ISA100 wireless standard.

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