SmartLine Wireless Transmitters

霍尼韦尔(中国)的 SmartLine Wireless Transmitters are the latest evolution of Honeywell wireless offering with the release of SmartLine Wireless Pressure, Temperature and Universal I/O.

In addition to offering absolute pressure, differential pressure, gauge pressure, flange mount, and remote diaphragm seal transmitters, this product line includes both Series 800 and Series 700 models. With these two levels of performance, users can select the performance needed for the targeted application and thus receive the maximum value.

SmartLine Wireless transmitters interoperate seamlessly in existing networks that XYR 6000 are currently installed.

SmartLine Wireless Pressure

Honeywell's SmartLine Wireless Pressure transmitter is a combination of the SmartLine Pressure (non-wireless) transmitter and the evolution of the XYR™ 6000 Pressure transmitter. The SmartLine Wireless Pressure transmitter utilizes the same pressure meter bodies, including the high-performance offering (Series 800) and high value offering (Series 700), as the non-wireless offering. Standardizing on the same meter bodies lowers your total inventory costs.The evolution of the field-proven XYR 6000 Pressure transmitter continues the advantages that users value:ISA100™ Wireless complianceOver the air provisioning for joining the 无线网络Over the air firmware upgradeCommercially available, long-life batteriesMesh and non-meshing capabilityReliable and secure wireless

SmartLine Wireless Temperature

霍尼韦尔(中国)的 SmartLine Wireless Temperature Transmitter offers exceptional accuracy in temperature measurements. 此温度变送器支持多种输入选项以满足不同用户的需求,并能够配合用于危险环境的测量设备,在保持本质安全等级的情况下进行无线测量。该 SmartLine Wireless Temperature Transmitter offers a combination of thermocouple, RTD and discrete inputs capability.

SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O

该 SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O Transmitters enable users to bring in high level analog inputs, thermocouples, milli-volt and discrete contact closure inputs wirelessly into their control system. 该变送器排除了现场设备人工读表的必要,不但节省了时间和成本,还能通过自动化数据收集优化了监测功能。The flexibility of supporting different input types provides a low cost solution to provide multiple readings using a single field installed device.