CyberVantage Managed Security Services

24/7 Expertise to Reduce Operational Downtime and Lower Cyber Risk

Enhancing its proven Managed Industrial Cyber Security Services with new security analytics, device management, and regionalized support services, CyberVantage Managed Security Services help customers modernize industrial control system (ICS) capabilities while minimizing operational issues caused by cyber security incidents.

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CyberVantage draws on Honeywell’s 50-year experience engineering operational networks to deliver global cyber security services that keep pace with evolving threats and help customers safely transform to connected plants.

The new CyberVantage Managed Security Services has several benefits and offerings, including:

• New Threat Detection and Vulnerability Identification – Honeywell collects, monitors, alerts and reports on customer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) log data, providing expert threat correlation and analysis in combination with an intrusion detection solution.

• New File Transfer Service – Honeywell securely connects and transfers plant information to customer-designated sites or to third-party cloud providers. The security and operational data can then be safely reviewed by experts to uncover plant productivity, reliability and availability insights. Honeywell site-to-site transfers provide added security controls and policies, as well as encryption, offering an alternative to less secure corporate intranet shares.

• New Singapore CyberVantage Managed Security Service Center – The new Singapore facility together with centers in Houston and Bucharest provide industrial cyber security expertise 24 hours a day for all CyberVantage customers.

• Expanded Security Device Management – Honeywell cyber experts help install, configure and manage security devices to support in-house engineering teams, now adding ICS Shield™ to existing firewall, IDS/IPS, Honeywell Risk Manager and Secure Media Exchange offerings.

• Expanded Multi-Vendor Support – Honeywell cyber experts perform ongoing security services to manage across multiple vendor systems and multiple sites. Multi-vendor support is now available for interactive activity and trend reporting, secure remote access and support, automated patch and antivirus updates, and continuous security and performance monitoring

With the New Singapore CyberVantage Security Service Center – the Honeywell’s industrial cyber security expertise is now available 24/7 for all CyberVantage customers. The new Singapore facility combines with centers in Houston and Bucharest to provide true follow the sun, continuous cybersecurity support and monitoring to Honeywell industrial customers.

借助霍尼韦尔的 CyberVantage Managed Services, industrial organizations and critical infrastructure sites can achieve unparalleled visibility and control into the system and cyber security conditions of their control network infrastructure. Honeywell combines proven cyber security technology and industrial know-how to maximize productivity, reliability and safety based on more than 15 years of cyber security expertise and more than 50 years of industrial domain presence .

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