Honeywell’s Symphonite™ Integration and Analytics (SIA) solution is a structured productized approach to customers grappling with supply chain integration challenges in the oil and gas, refining, and mining, metals and minerals industries.

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SIA provides an off-the-shelf solution for customers struggling to consolidate and manage siloed supply chain information from within multiple applications and spreadsheets

SIA combines supply chain plans, schedules and information spanning multiple functions, time horizons and levels of abstraction into a single unified repository to support plan versus actual tracking, data collection and as a common source of data for historians, dashboards and other systems.

SIA is designed to reverse the perception that integration is a time consuming and complex activity by overcoming the challenges of point to point integration and multiple versions of data. SIA provides a sustainable, low-cost approach that leverages existing solutions.

SIA is organized along four tightly knit modules:

• Unified SCPM Model
`Reduce Time and Complexity to maintain relationships between multiple source systems through “Smart Workbooks”; contextualization, integration services and diagnostics.

• Analyze Plan versus Actual Module.
`Accurate and rapid plan versus actual tracking through model driven configurable reports
Reduced reporting errors through in built review and collaboration
• Capture Functional Input Module
`Reduce time and effort to collect inputs from multiple source systems by providing a model driven, configurable template approach to collect and validate inputs (e.g. for backcasting, planning, etc)

• Single source of Data serves as an information provider service to any application, providing location independence for `information. Reports and dashboards previously requiring access to multiple systems simply need to access the SIA Unified Model.

​Supply chain decisions require a rapid synthesis of data from multiple functions: for example, production plans, schedules, unit availability, lifting plans, blend plans, and reconciled inventory. Since these data are stored in different applications with proprietary views, it becomes manually intensive job to compare data and make sound decisions. Companies that attempt to solve the integration challenge using custom solutions encounter higher upfront engineering costs; have a complex design and requires cumbersome maintenance. SIA is an intelligent system housing this rich integrated data in a contextualized manner that leads to easier data reporting and analysis resulting in significantly improved decision making.

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