Symphonite Integration and Analytics

​Honeywell’s Symphonite™ Integration and Analytics (SIA) solution is a structured productized approach to customers grappling with supply chain integration challenges in the oil and gas, refining, and mining, metals and minerals industries.

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SIA provides an off-the-shelf solution for customers struggling to consolidate and manage siloed supply chain information from within multiple applications and spreadsheets

SIA combines supply chain plans, schedules and information spanning multiple functions, time horizons and levels of abstraction into a single unified repository to support plan versus actual tracking, data collection and as a common source of data for historians, dashboards and other systems.

SIA is designed to reverse the perception that integration is a time consuming and complex activity by overcoming the challenges of point to point integration and multiple versions of data. SIA provides a sustainable, low-cost approach that leverages existing solutions.

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