Troubleshooting automation issues with APC-centric monitoring tools requires significant time, effort, and expertise. Profit™ Performance Monitor provides key process operation information to a non-control audience, providing visibility into the economic consequences of their plant process performance and expert guidance to improve collaboration across extended APC teams. Performance monitoring of APC applications ensures the delivered benefits of APC are visible at all levels of the organization.
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Profit Performance Monitor, a cloud based solution, enables operations, process engineering, APC teams 和 management to understand what is limiting APC from driving the unit to its best potential.
Prioritizes issues by financial impact. Such as:

• Over clamped MVs and CVs,

• High process variance, and

• MVs dropped by operators due to instrumentation issues.

• Identifies and tracks constraint violations for main CVs, with analysis of probable causes.

Drive engagement all the stakeholders of unit performance to ensure APC benefits are sustained.

Profit Performance Monitor estimates the economic cost of:
• Clamp MV, CV limits, Dropped MVs related to short term operations, equipment, or instrument issues,
• lack of confidence in the APC performance,
• lack of awareness of the overall performance impact and
• variance on operator skills.
Monitors APC to optimize to key equipment constraints while minimizing constraint violations.

Trends performance over the longer term and segments performance by shift.

Provides detailed analysis against APC historical data identifying process bottlenecks.

Process Plants have been investing in advanced application like APC, which is a proven technology that:

• reduces process variability and inefficiency,
• improves product consistency,
• increases throughput by allowing operations to push constraints to the limits and achieve higher return on assets.
Achieving and sustaining these benefits has not always been easy. It requires a sound strategy and adherence to best practices in the realm of performance monitoring of APC applications.

Profit Performance Monitor delivers:

• Sustainable Benefits: over varying operating conditions, identifying 10 to 20% loss in benefits/year per APC application.
• Visualization in real time unit profitability: Providing opportunities for continuous process improvement, seeing benefits of operational changes and impact on profitability.

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