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ProfitTM Executive is a Plant Wide Optimization solution that bridges the planning and execution gap by establishing an overall material, component, and energy balance. Controlling product quality in real time, thereby reconciling the production plan within the context of the real operating limits of each unit.


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Profit Executive is a patented technology that uses a unique cascaded MPC as a new form of control and optimization, facility wide, using information from the advanced control applications to find a global optimum.

It integrates online process information from existing advanced control applications with the refinery LP. Several studies have shown that when current active operating constraints and actual unit yields are used in the LP in real time, there are significant benefits to be captured.

Main objectives of Profit Executive:

• Unifies the independently manipulated handles in APC applications (for continuous units) and those in blending (for batch operations) to jointly optimize the combined operations;

• Utilizes the actual unit yields and blend ratios as feedback to improve the accuracy of the models used for refinery-wide optimization;

• Utilizes the actual operating APC and blending constraint information;

• Minimizes the property giveaways in the delivered products;

• Minimizes the unit production costs for making the blending components;

• Maximizes the product market values (i.e. amount*price), subject to order flexibilities and unit production constraints;

• Devises new optimal targets in the presence of measured/unmeasured disturbances, such as changes in:

• 原料

• product delivery/orders

• Operating mode in some units

• ambient conditions

• made by operators

​Enables plants to:

• Maximize production across all assets with continuously changing process conditions.

• Optimize production for the expected, unexpected and future operating conditions with more robust and easy to maintain technology.

• Capture additional profit of over $1/BBL in benefits without any change in process or equipment.

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