Project Execution and Services

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Green field, brown field and across the lifecycle Honeywell provides the project management, execution 和 services to get to production faster and minimize downtime.

• Lean Execution of Automation Projects (LEAP) uses Virtualization and Cloud Engineering to keep automation systems off the critical path, massively shortening schedules and driving down costs and risks.

• Universal Process I/O helps you get things done faster and reduces your footprint. Eliminating marshalling, and configured without additional hardware, universal I/O lets you quickly connect any field signal to any I/O channel in standard cabinets.

• 保障360 outcomes-based services provide certainty and cost control, guaranteeing agreed service levels. It gives you strategic control of servicing and maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

• Consulting and Engineering Services with Six Sigma methodologies and best-in-class tools deliver superior results, drawing on a global presence and superior expertise.


• LEAP – 精益执行已经包含减少重复任务或返工在内的浪费。 LEAP further removes the traditional dependencies that used to force project flows to be sequential in nature, drastically improving the overall project schedule and keeping automation systems off the critical path.

• 改建项目LEAP – 通过添加专为改建项目而设计的工具,充分利用LEAP方法的能力,设施可以从自动化系统迁移中获得实质性的好处和收益。

• 无线过程多输入组合 – 通用输入输出解决方案通过在软件层面实现系统设计的持续变化,提供了更大的灵活性。

• 基于结果的服务 – Assurance 360服务是多年期合作服务协议,旨在维护、支持和优化霍尼韦尔控制系统的性能,适合各种行业或企业规模。

• 咨询与工程服务 – 霍尼韦尔(中国)的工程研究可以使运行和业务目标与项目目标保持一致,帮助实现自动化系统价值的最大化,提高设备全生命周期的投资回报。​​