Data Management, Reporting and Compliance

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Capture, store and analyse to take control of your data. Use Honeywell’s solutions to extract actionable intelligence and drive better decisions. We break down silos and help you easily integrate data from all your applications using OPC open standards. Automate reporting, ease compliance and protect quality with better visibility and insights across your operations.

• Uniformance PHD to collect, store and replay historical and continuous process data. Reliable and robust for regulatory reporting, it also enables analysis and monitoring right from the engineer’s desktop

• Honeywell’s Qualification and Version Control System for better control system lifecycle management and verification of change control processes.

• 流程分析 for reporting and analysis needs in procedural operations, with sophisticated batch reporting and querying to compare history over multiple executions.

• MatrikonOPC, a Honeywell company, is the World’s leading provider of OPC connectivity products for every major application


• Experion® Batch – 结合集散控制和批次自动化。 Enhancing throughput, efficiency and reliability, it’s the only batch solution executing directly in the controller.

• Control Performance Monitor – Control Performance Monitor is a condition-based application that monitors, identifies, diagnoses and remedies control asset issues across all plant layers ranging from regulatory to model predictive controllers. 该产品可帮助用户维持过程控制资产的可靠性和效率。

• DynAMo Alarm & Operations Management – DynAMo提供多项高级功能,包括报警系统基准和合规性、预测性监测、分析和内置报警合理化工具。 它将屡获殊荣的报警管理软件与业内首选的操作管理解决方案相结合,并集成了操作监测解决方案以确保您的工厂在安全和完整的操作窗口内开展运营,智能电子操作日志则可保障关键交接班过程的安全。

• 流程分析 – 霍尼韦尔(中国)的流程分析能够帮助需进行间歇性处理或批量处理的用户分析过程状况,应对关键的业务增长因素,以确保实现持续改进,

• Uniformance®资产警卫 – 霍尼韦尔(中国)的Uniformance®资产警卫可持续监控设备和流程健康状态,使工业设施得以预测并防止资产故障和运行性能欠佳。

• Uniformance® PHD – Uniformance® PHD具有可扩展、安全、稳健和开放等特点,可通过出色的数据管理帮助用户更快更好地做出决策。

• QVCS (Version Control Software) – The Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) Qualification and Version Control System (QVCS) simplifies system qualification by defining and enforcing a user-defined development lifecycle.


• 基于结果的服务 – Assurance 360服务是多年期合作服务协议,旨在维护、支持和优化霍尼韦尔控制系统的性能,适合各种行业或企业规模。

• 咨询与工程服务 – 霍尼韦尔(中国)的工程研究可以使运行和业务目标与项目目标保持一致,帮助实现自动化系统价值的最大化,提高设备全生命周期的投资回报。​​